A Family Business

Welcome to 7th Avenue Pizza—where passion meets flavor. Experience unmatched quality and service in every slice, crafted with a dedication to excellence and family-owned tradition.

Welcome to 7th Avenue Pizza, where every slice tells a story of family-owned passion, innovation, and community spirit.

Founded in 2011 by the visionary Patrick Nelson, 7th Avenue Pizza is a true labor of love, born from a desire to bring warmth to the chill of winter by offering a delectable alternative to ice cream from the comfort of our family-owned ice cream trucks.

Thus, our journey began, crafting pizzas with meticulous attention to quality using only the finest ingredients, including premium Hormel Meats and authentic Wisconsin Cheeses.

From the outset, our mission has been clear: to celebrate and support our local community. Every ingredient, every partnership, and every bite reflects our commitment to sourcing locally and championing the vibrant flavors of our region.

“It Wails”

Our dedication to excellence didn’t go unnoticed. In the bustling streets of the Twin Cities, our pizzas gained momentum, but it was a pivotal moment when the renowned local Media Personality, Paul “MeatSauce” Lambert, thrust us into the spotlight. His infectious enthusiasm, captured in a single tweet on January 6, 2021, immortalized our pizza with his signature endorsement: “It Wails”.

With Paul’s endorsement, we embarked on an exciting journey, forging our first official marketing partnership with KFAN and The Powertrip Morning Show. This collaboration not only amplified our presence but also gave 7th Avenue Pizza a distinct voice and identity within the community. As a result, our reach expanded, and our pizzas found their way into the hearts and homes of new retailers.

But the story doesn’t end there. In a true testament to our partnership, Paul “MeatSauce” Lambert now has his own signature pizza on our menu: the mouthwatering “Meatball Pepperoni”, a delicious homage to his unwavering support and friendship.


Crafting Pizza & Connections

At 7th Avenue Pizza, we’re not just crafting pizzas; we’re crafting connections. Join us on this flavorful journey, where every slice is a celebration of local spirit and culinary excellence.

7th Avenue Pizza About Some History

Vikings Tailgate

7th Avenue Pizza About Some History

Leukemia and Lymphoma Tailgate Gopher Football Game

7th Avenue Pizza About Some History

Bringing Lunch to Local Minneapolis Fire Department


Founded in 2011

Bring Warmth to the Chill

Patrick was looking to create a product to add to their ice cream trucks during the winter, as ice cream sales tend to dip.

A Focus on Local

Hormel Meats & Wisconsin Cheese

Our pizza is freshly made with the finest ingredients, featuring Hormel Meats and Wisconsin Cheeses. Our focus is to source and support local ingredients.


January 6

A Pivotol Moment

“It Wails”

As the pizza continued to gain traction in the Twin Cities, we really hit a breakthrough when the famous local media personality, Paul “MeatSauce” Lambert, tweeted a picture of 7th Avenue Pizza, using his famous phrase “It Wails”.