Slice for a Cause

Are you ready to take your fundraising to new heights? We’re excited to announce our partnership with Adrenaline Fundraising, a dynamic platform dedicated to helping schools, teams, and groups exceed their fundraising goals.

Adrenaline Fundraising


Adrenaline Fundraising is not your average fundraising solution. They specialize in empowering organizations like yours to achieve remarkable results. With their innovative approach, you can raise more funds than you ever imagined possible.

Adrenaline Fundraising


Proven Success: Adrenaline Fundraising has a track record of delivering outstanding results for schools, sports teams, and community groups.

Easy and Effective: Their platform simplifies the fundraising process, making it both efficient and rewarding.

Local Support: Partnering with Adrenaline Fundraising means tapping into local resources and expertise, ensuring personalized assistance every step of the way.


Ready to expand and grow your fundraising efforts? Visit Adrenaline Fundraising’s website to learn more about how they can elevate your fundraising game.

Join us in this exciting fundraising journey with Adrenaline Fundraising and watch your goals become achievements!